HANDED: An artistic vision by Dutch musician Stef Classens turned into reality with life experience as the catalysing element in the musical process. Stef Classens is the musician behind the HANDED artist name and his creative ideas form the records that you have become to love!


Born and raised in The Netherlands, Stef Classens always had an interest to speak and write English at a young age, which he cultivated as he grew into an adult, making him a versatile writer both in Dutch as well as in English. In the year of 2014 Stef decided to compete in the Dutch television show ‘Best singer/songwriter of NL‘ which he won and brought forth his debut album titled: ‘Above The Storm, Below the flood‘. This album was released in Band formation on the imprint ‘Play It Again Sam‘ in 2015.

Stef is a strong believer in creating original records that grab you with a subtle yet gripping message in the productions. Real expression of emotion lyrically in a delicate way to intrigue and inspire, and purposed for sheer enjoyment, while being able to emphasise on the content.

HANDED‘s artistic intention is to hit the hearts and minds of the listening audience with records that have substance on the instrumentation side, as well as focus on the lyrical content. Being a multi-instrumentalist makes for it that Stef has a big advantage in composition and translating ideas to music. From start till last tweak, Stef is working together with the engineers and producers to ensure the HANDED sound is more than present on all his new singles.

With releases on Play It Again Sam (PIAS), Armada, Bite This, Sony Germany, 2Dutch Air and various others, HANDED has paved his way to his new adventure being: The Voice of Holland 2019! From October 29th, you will be able to see HANDED compete on RTL4.


We entice you to look at HANDED, a creative musician that goes by the name of Stef Classens!

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